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At UDC Interiors, interiors for home, is our primary forte. Our exclusively crafted bespoke
interior solutions are made exquisite by custom-created furniture and furnishings by our in-house team of designers.
Informed by a global design language, we cleverly mix the classical with modern innovative ethos to achieve outstanding
contemporary spaces. Keeping the client’s lifestyle and aspirations at the core of our solutions,
the interiors are a blend of bespoke luxury, perfect functionality and supreme comfort.

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One of our favourite projects to work on, modern villa interior design offers us the liberty to combine various ...

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Designing a bungalow is always an exciting and versatile experience as we get to work on the interiors...

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Most of the urban population today lives in apartments. Naturally, modern apartment interior design...

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The sprawling nature of farmhouses that constantly interact with their green surroundings ...



We dedicate extensive effort to deeply understand a brand and develop compelling stories that enhance its interaction with the audience. Through design, we enhance the relationship between a brand and its customers, ensuring a remarkable experience that fosters improved business, recognition, and influence
The flexible and inventive repurposing of spaces

We strive to create lasting impressions of the location by transforming its essence into innovative frameworks that amplify the connection between past and present.

We delve into modern interpretations of conventional expertise and materials, harmoniously intertwining them with the historical elements, thereby forging fresh significance and stimulating novel dialogues.



We collaborate closely with our clients to develop meaningful institutional initiatives that expand upon their objectives and aspirations. Whether it's a governmental establishment, an artistic workspace, a cultural institution, or an educational facility, our architectural designs foster the harmonious relationships between the surrounding environment and the built structure, the spaces within and the community they serve, as well as the fushion of traditional craftmanship and modern technology.



We are deeply committed to designing vibrant communal environments that actively involve societies and enhance the human encounter. We firmly believe that culture serves as a powerful means to unite individuals under a greater mission, and we strive to solidify this connection by employing genuine methodologies, enduring principles, and tangible amalgamations of craftsmanship and technology that enrich the storytelling aspect.


Work Station

We specialize in crafting dynamic and eco-friendly workspaces that skillfully connect current requirements and cutting-edge technologies to their surrounding contexts. By blending our comprehension of a brand's distinctive values and our proficiency in maximizing efficiency, we fashion working environments that foster happiness, foster communities, and enhance productivity.



UDC INTERIORS is a versatile design firm that integrates various disciplines to create a harmonious fusion of indoor and outdoor areas.



Our residences embrace the unique surroundings and personal preferences of the inhabitants, catering to their requirements and desires at various levels and in different places. We investigate methods to enhance the overall well-being by comprehending the characteristics of spaces, architecture, materials, construction methods, and skilled workmanship. We enrich these elements with custom-designed embellishments to fashion intimate moments that people eagerly anticipate in their own abodes



Our aim is to curate memorable encounters within the realm of hospitality, catering to the evolving requirements of the most discerning guests. We consistently employ our knowledge of the surrounding environment, indigenous materials and methods, genuine opulence, and the brand's story to meet these needs

Brand Experiences

UDC Interiors is a versatile design firm that skillfully integrates interior and exterior spaces, creating a harmonious fusion of both.
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